Produced & Narrated by Chief Sands

(Fifteen Episodes: 6 Hours 45 Minutes)

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Pentagon Bombing Itself (Slow Motion) & Jackie Shooting JFK (Slow Motion)

Julian Assange’s Secret Meetings about Chief Sands
and the Making of The Julian Assange Docuseries
(50 Minutes)

CIA’s The Family Cult Raised Julian Assange
(30 Minutes)

Young Julian’s Photos
(15 Minutes)

Belmarsh Tribunal Carnival
(30 Minutes)

The Dirty Truth About Pamela Anderson & Her Betrayal of Julian Assange 
(40 Minutes)

Julian Assange Framed in the 9/11 Attacks
(50 Minutes)

Julian Assange’s Fake Wife
(25 Minutes)

Julian Assange’s Fake Dad
(20 Minutes)

Julian Assange’s Faked Arrest
(10 Minutes)

Julian Assange’s Soros Chief of Staff
(20 Minutes)

Julian Assange’s CIA Lawyers
(25 Minutes)

WikiLeaks Trapped, Jailed & Killed Whistleblowers
(40 Minutes)

Yahoo’s CIA Fake Assassination Plot
(15 Minutes)

Julian Assange’s Royal Witchcraft Handler
(10 Minutes)

(30 Minutes)

$1,000,000 Cash Reward Offered for Proof Stella Moris is Julian Assange’s Wife

Sara Gonzalez Devant pretending to be Stella Moris & Stella Assange now tied to Julian Assange’s accuser Anna Ardin thru Stella’s SECRET AGENT DAD Sergio Albio Gonzalez who worked with CIA agent Anna Ardin in Cuba for SIDA. Join us now for lots of double-agent action in this sensational segment brought to you by Chief Sands.

The Serio Albio Gonazlez & Teresa Devant Story now on Twitter (photos & sources), Reddit (60 sources) & Facebook (110 photos). Basically Stella’s parents smuggled weapons for Rothschild with Nelson Mandela. */ **

Julian Assange’s fake wife Sara Gonzalez Devant pretending to be Stella Moris was working for CIA via AECID/USAID and US Department of Defense when she started at WikiLeaks. 100% proof Stella faked the pregnancy photo now showing at *

Assange’s case is nothing short of a fouled up CIA op all dragged out, cuz they can’t face the fact they’re compromised. All the players are tied to Epstein, CIA, UK Royals, Trump, Clintons, Murdoch, Soros & Rothschild. All the original players have been changed. No Snowden. No Manning. No Sarah Harrison. No Jacob Appelbaum. No Christine Assange in 9 years. No Assange himself anymore. Reason no investigative journalists ever found Snowden & Sarah 40 days in Moscow airport is because they weren’t even there.

All we got is John Shipton who we know 100% fact got ownership of WikiLeaks domains from CIA Chief Nicholas Natsios via Cryptome who’s also CIA. No photos of Shipton w/ Assange, and they didn’t even know each other during Assange’s youth just like Christine Assange. (See: 3JUN2022 below)

Then we got the dogsbody Stella who Assange never even publicly said was his lover and the faked no show wedding with the fake pregnancy pic and the fake portrait pics. Plus she’s not really a lawyer. She’s not registered in the UK to practice law. Moreover, Snowden’s & Thomas Drake’s lawyer Jesselyn Radack confirmed Stella is not a lawyer.

Basically, Assange got jailed in a mansion belonging to Vaughan Smith whose dad was UK Queen’s secret messenger funded by Soros. Then Assange got holed up in an embassy but not entirely. We saw the trap door in the skateboarding video and know about the Knightsbridge secret tunnel. Then Assange got arrested but not really, cuz the index finger wasn’t Assange’s. Then he never even spoke at his own trial where nobody was allowed to show up which was held inside City of London Corporation outside UK jurisdiction.

Then the case was over and then not over but almost over and then not over again and then kind of over and then really over sort of not, and every time they say it’s over it’s months with another groundbreaking reason why it’s still not over.

Never mind his lawyers are CIA, funded UK Royals, sleep with UK Royals, sleep with CIA, sleep with FBI, funded Clintons and work for US Dept of State & US Dept of Justice. Never mind his colleagues work for Rothschild, Soros, Murdoch, CIA and hang with spirit cooking’s Marina Abramovic. Purely coincidental.

Never mind US Army Military Intelligence, The Washington Post, CIA’s Robert David Steele, Benjamin Fulford and Wayne Madsen confirm Assange is CIA. Was CIA. Assange defected. They threw him under the bus. He’s missing.

Stella? Really? Stella. No tears. Ever. Blinks 90 times per minute on average. Her mentor is US Joint Staff Stephen M. Saideman. She was hired by CIA’s Baltasar Garzon. I could go on, but luckily people are waking up. After being on this show twelve years, people understand I created The Sands Show Comedy as a disclaimer. We learned a lot. We laughed a lot. ‘sange? He’s not laughing anymore.

Will God of Heaven reveal the truth? I guess so. Eventually. Lucky for us we traced Assange who led us straight to Antichrist Jacob Rothschild. We were lucky. ‘sange? Not so lucky. Now we know. CIA’s WikiLeaks had a mission: start wars like Arab Spring resulting in US Army War College in charge of Egypt. The name of their game: trap, jail and kill whistleblowers, and make every journalist & publisher believe telling the truth is illegal.


Absent Assange’s birth certificate and entire youth, no photos of Shipton with Assange even exist. They didn’t know each other. Shipton got ownership of WikiLeaks domains from CIA Chief Nicholas Natsios via CIA’s Cryptome, and witnesses say they made no eye contact during the trial.

The film Ithaka about Shipton starts by saying Shipton was estranged and didn’t have a relationship with Assange. Shipton’s neighbors say he was secretive, and they don’t know how he made his money. Ben Lawrence put out the film Ithaka. Ben’s dad was Ray Lawrence who put out the film Lantana financed by Australian Film Finance Corporation belonging to the Australian government.

WikiLeaks is CIA. It was designed to jail & kill whistleblowers and push the narrative publishing truth is illegal. Their goal was to start wars like they did Arab Spring resulting in Abdel Fatah al-Fatah al-Sisi of US Army War College in charge of Egypt. It was also WikiLeaks who triggered the 2011 Osama bin Laden hoax raid when CIA’s Osama bin Laden was already dead but resulted in the deaths of Navy SEAL Team 6.


One reason CIA put Stella the black widow on the board was to reverse the judge’s decision to free Assange. Judge said since Assange had a secret family, he’s well enough to stand trial.

We’re aware Assange never said Stella is his lover. He also never gave anybody permission to be his spokesperson. So the other reason CIA put Stella on the board was to pretend to be Assange’s spokesperson. She’s the one who says he’s going to kill himself. She’s the one who said his love for her was the only reason he hasn’t already killed himself. She’s the one who said he had a stroke and lost his memory.

Now Stella says Priti Patel has until June 19, 2020 to decide whether or not to extradite Assange and can extend that date. My guess is one day they will run out of extensions. What i know is Assange will never say he loves Stella in public, because he doesn’t. The fake pregnancy photo was enough for me. They’ll either have to lock Assange up forever or kill him, because we will never hear him say he loves Stella.