Is Assange Dead, you ask …

By Chief Sands – 29OCT2022

I’m not saying he’s dead, but there’s more pointing to that than he’s alive.

We know Stella is lying. Jennifer Robinson and Stella keep saying Assange said he’ll commit suicide if he has to go to trial; but, when he had his hoax trial inside City of London Corporation headed by Jacob Rothschild outside UK jurisdiction, they didn’t even let him speak. Obviously he wants to speak to the public.

We know Assange was born into CIA MKUltra and defected Rothschild Intelligence who runs CIA, Mossad and the rest w/ $50 trillion in offshores out of sovereign City of London Corporation who also heads Pentagon Reservation–which is why it’s a reservation.*

Since Stella & Pamela Anderson both faked the photos, we know the marriage is also faked. If Assange were still with CIA, he would have gone along with it. He didn’t. He didn’t participate in those photos. The faked lap photo of Pam came out after he was silenced. Same w/ all the Stella photos. They all came from Jacob Rothschild’s partner Rupert Murdoch.

One thing is sure: we will not hear Assange say Stella is his wife, because she isn’t. She was his gopher. She wanted him like Pam. He didn’t want either of them, so they both stabbed him in the back. Pam hangs w/ Murdoch’s wife. They started her career. Pam’s best friend Courtney Love killed Kurt Cobain, and Pam was dating pedophile king Michael Jackson when they knocked him off. Sheldon Adelson spying on Assange was Pam’s sugar daddy neighbor in Malibu, and the fake kid’s godmum M.I.A. was married to Rothschild’s partner Bronfman of NXIVM sex slave cult.

What this amounts to is they plan on the fake extradition to solidify the WikiLeaks narrative that national security journalism is illegal. They intend to kill Assange if they haven’t already, because they know he’ll never say Stella is his wife. The kids are trafficked just like he was as a kid in The Family cult tied to Rothschild thru Balfour.

Ecuador revoked Assange’s asylum saying it was because his papers were not legit. Shipton got ownership of WikiLeaks from CIA Chief Nicholas Natsios via CIA’s John Young of Cryptome. Natsios was Young’s father-in-law. Young owned the WikiLeaks domains before Shipton. Nobody else ever did.

Shipton is a fraud. Shipton purposefully derailed WikiLeaks Party. WikiLeaks is CIA headed by Rothschild’s & Murdoch’s other partner at Genie Energy CIA Director Robert James Woolsey who was Snowden’s boss at Booz. The $56 million Shipton stole from Assange DAO w/ the fake family was never seen or used for Assange. Everybody Assange DAO is screaming it was a scam.* They threw Assange under the bus when he defected.

Since WikiLeaks is CIA, the insurance files never kicked in. They never will, because they never existed. They were faked just like they faked the 2011 Murdoch leak that never happened either.