16 Episodes (7 H0urs 30 Minutes)

WARNING: Tucker Carlson is lying about seeing Julian Assange. Tucker is a product of Jacob Rothschild’s partner Rupert Murdoch just like Donald Trump. That’s why Tucker pals with Trump who still lies about 9/11 & who imprisoned Assange after saying Assange should get the death penalty. Remember: COVID ran through Trump, and Epstein got away on Trump’s watch who later wished Ghislaine Maxwell his best.

Chief Sands Verified

Hi. I’m Chief Sands also known as General Sands, World Militia Interpol FBI Chief  Inspector. Considering how widespread all the current sexual and romantic rumors are about me and Julian, here I set the record straight. For years Julian was my sidekick in The Sands Comedy Show seen on hundreds of web sites with millions of views by Intelligence agencies and Anonymous. That comedy show ran for seven years and began the path which later produced The Julian Assange Docuseries. What started as good old-fashioned fun became very, very dangerous.

In real life Scotland Yard said I was leader of Anonymous, US Marshals asked me to rescue USA from a rogue entity, US Homeland Security said I’m one of them, and DC Capitol Police insisted I run for Congress. One popular international theory is I’m a crazy US federal agent. Even CIA says I’m CIA. I was never CIA or married Assange, but I know for a fact as you soon will that WikiLeaks is CIA, Julian defected, Stella isn’t his wife and the kids are trafficked. Fourteen years as Inspector, and these are the facts. 

The following is the Docuseries I produced during my fourteen years living in London, Ecuador and Washington, DC for Julian Assange. Follow me on this super spy thriller inside the true story of CIA’s WikiLeaks and their ties to Rothschild, the City of London Corporation, UK Royals  and Jeffrey Epstein.  Chief Sands

Julian Assange’s Fake Wife Sara Gonzalez Devant
(25 Minutes)

Julian Assange’s Fake Dad John Shipton
(20 Minutes)

UK Did Not Conduct Julian Assange’s Trial: Rothschild Intelligence Did
(40 Minutes)

Julian Assange’s Secret Meetings about Chief Sands
and the Making of The Julian Assange Docuseries
(50 Minutes)

The Dirty Truth About Pamela Anderson & Her Betrayal of Julian Assange 
(40 Minutes)

CIA’s The Family Cult Raised Julian Assange
(30 Minutes)

Julian Assange Framed in the 9/11 Attacks
(50 Minutes)

Julian Assange’s CIA Lawyers
(25 Minutes)

WikiLeaks Trapped, Jailed & Killed Whistleblowers
(40 Minutes)

Young Julian’s Photos
(15 Minutes)

Julian Assange’s Faked Arrest
(10 Minutes)

Julian Assange’s Soros Chief of Staff
(20 Minutes)

Yahoo’s CIA Fake Assassination Plot
(15 Minutes)

Julian Assange’s Royal Witchcraft Handler
(10 Minutes)

Belmarsh Tribunal Carnival
(30 Minutes)

(30 Minutes)

The Julian Assange Docuseries
Produced and Narrated by Chief Sands

(7 Hours 30 Minutes)

The docuseries explains how Rothschild Intelligence operates WikiLeaks out of sovereign City of London Corporation controlling GRU, Mossad, MI6, CIA and more. It details how mass media, the legal & financial systems are operated out of CoLC and how they controlled WikiLeaks with the intent to trap, jail and kill whistleblowers while pushing the false narrative that national security journalism is illegal. Same Four Policemen aka Five Eyes as the COVID, Epstein, 9/11 mafia. It’s not just about Julian Assange’s fake wife but about his fake family and how they got this far including the theft of $58M from AssangeDAO. Twelve years in the making from Chief Sands who hijacked Anonymous Million Mask March from CIA. Definitely worth the watch!!


Sara Gonzalez Devant pretending to be Stella Moris & Stella Assange now tied to Julian Assange’s rape accuser Anna Ardin thru Stella’s SECRET AGENT DAD Sergio Albio Gonzalez who worked with Anna Ardin in Cuba for CIA with SIDA. Join us now for lots of double-agent action in this sensational segment brought to you by Chief Sands.

The Serio Albio Gonazlez & Teresa Devant Story now on Reddit (60 sources) & Facebook (110 photos). Basically Stella’s parents smuggled weapons for Rothschild with Nelson Mandela. */ **

Sara Gonzalez Devant graduated from Complutense University of Madrid, a CIA recruitment hotspot where CIA Chief Foreign Language Strategist Ilka Rodriguez-Diaz was also trained and recruited by CIA. *

Julian Assange’s fake wife Sara Gonzalez Devant pretending to be Stella Moris was working for CIA via AECID/USAID and US Department of Defense when she started at WikiLeaks. 100% proof Stella faked the pregnancy photo now showing at StellaMoris.com. *

Assange’s case is nothing short of a fouled up CIA op all dragged out, cuz they can’t face the fact they’re compromised. All the players are tied to Epstein, CIA, UK Royals, Trump, Clintons, Murdoch, Soros & Rothschild. All the original players have been changed. No Snowden. No Manning. No Sarah Harrison. No Jacob Appelbaum. No Christine Assange in 9 years. No Assange himself anymore. Reason no investigative journalists ever found Snowden & Sarah 40 days in Moscow airport is because they weren’t even there.

All they offer is John Shipton who we know got ownership of WikiLeaks domains from CIA Chief Nicholas Natsios via Cryptome who’s also CIA. No photo of Shiptons w/ Assange even exist, and they didn’t know each other during Assange’s youth just like Christine Assange.

Then we got the dogsbody Stella who Assange never even publicly said was his lover and the faked no show wedding with the fake pregnancy pic and the fake portrait pics. Plus she’s not really a lawyer. She’s not registered in the UK to practice law and never had a client. Even Snowden’s & Thomas Drake’s lawyer Jesselyn Radack says Stella isn’t a lawyer.

Basically, Assange got jailed in a mansion belonging to Vaughan Smith whose dad was UK Queen’s secret messenger funded by Soros. Then Assange got holed up in an embassy but not entirely. We saw the trap door in the skateboarding video and know about the Knightsbridge secret tunnel. Then Assange got arrested but not really, cuz the index finger wasn’t Assange’s. Then he never even spoke at his own trial where nobody was allowed to show up which was held inside City of London Corporation outside UK jurisdiction.

Then the case was over and then not over but almost over and then not over again and then kind of over and then really over sort of not, and every time they say it’s over it’s months with another groundbreaking reason why it’s still not over.

Never mind his lawyers are CIA, funded UK Royals, sleep with UK Royals, sleep with CIA, sleep with FBI, funded Clintons and work for US Dept of State & US Dept of Justice. Never mind his colleagues work for Rothschild, Soros, Murdoch, CIA and hang with spirit cooking’s Marina Abramovic. Never mind US Army Military Intelligence, The Washington Post, CIA’s Robert David Steele, Benjamin Fulford and Wayne Madsen confirm Assange is CIA. Was CIA. Assange defected, and now he’s missing.

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