To the lovely Inspector Sands, thank you …

The Producers would like to take this opportunity to thank the anonymous actress formerly known as the fabulous Christine Ann Sands for accepting the lead role in the making of The Julian Assange Documentary. The name, however, is a pseudonym and not the actual name of the actress who portrayed the character General Sands.

Further, we acknowledge Julian’s great admiration for The General whom he defended with his life. As she bravely fought to bring Julian’s true life’s story to the public, CIA silenced him to prevent his confession by attempting to put an end to their romantic journey. In reality, without the courage of this actress, Julian would never have been saved from his secret past.

As The General’s many fans are well aware, it was discovered Julian has been a CIA MKUltra victim since birth. He was born into the occult, beaten, drugged, tortured, starved, raped and forced into psychiatric institutions multiple times during his youth for induction into CIA. Julian’s chief lawyer, a convicted spy felon and disbarred judge, Baltasar Garzon HIMSELF has been working with CIA for decades.

Not surprising to most of Julian’s supporters, Stella Moris is not his partner. The kids are trafficked as part of CIA’s The Finders also known as The Family cult Julian was raised in. Stella’s pregnancy & portrait photos were faked with CIA’s Murdoch busted with child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein like Stella’s court partner M.C. McGrath funded by Epstein’s cohort Peter Thiel. Julian’s legal team Jen Robinson works for Murdoch whose partner Rothschild has eight members of his own family busted with Epstein alongside Julian’s lawyer Alan Dershowitz busted again with Epstein. Julian’s lawyer Amal Clooney conspires with Clintons and UK Royals both again busted with Epstein.

So, unless you were witnessing The Julian Assange Documentary unfold live during these last ten years with The General and the Anonymous hacker collective, you would not have known Julian has been a victim of CIA since the day he was born. Fortunately, the heroine in Julian’s story who remains unnamed has for the first time opened the door for the whole world to at last see who is holding Julian prisoner and why. This privileged insight into UK Royals busted with Epstein and their CIA MKUltra prisoner Julian will not only lead to his own freedom but to the end of the CIA’s gifted child program who fostered him.