336 Answers by Chief Sands

  1. Is Sara Gonzalez Devant pretending to be Stella Moris & Stella Assange the daughter of Rothschild Intelligence secret agents Sergio Albio Gonzalez & Teresa Devant? Yes.
  2. Did Stella’s dad Sergio work with Julian Assange’s rape accuser Anna Ardin in Cuba for CIA with SIDA? Yes.
  3. Did Stella’s parents Sergio & Teresa smuggle weapons in South Africa w/ Nelson Mandela for City of London Corporation now headed by Jacob Rothschild? Yes.
  4. Does Anna Ardin still call Julian Assange a rapist? Yes.
  5. Did Anna Ardin or Sofia Wilen ever publicly try to vindicate Assange? No.
  6. Did WikiLeaks defend Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen? Yes.
  7. Was Daniel Ellsberg a CIA hitman in Vietnam who leaked Pentagon Papers to cover up for heroin drug smuggling? Yes.
  8. Did Australian High Court Barrister Michaela Banerji publicly confirm to General Sands and UK Home Secretary Priti Patel on May 2, 2022 that Stella Moris is a fraud? Yes.
  9. Did anybody witness Julian Assange having sex with Stella Moris? No.
  10. Did the public see Assange say Stella is his lover and were there any photos of Assange marrying Stella? No.
  11. Have you seen Stella’s fake pregnancy photo where her neck, shirt, stomach and the tech’s hand were doctored? Yes.
  12. Have you seen Stella’s two fake Assange portrait photos where his head was pasted on and his arm painted, and have you seen Stella’s fake rainbow photo of Assange where they forgot to add his beard back to the right side of his face? Yes.
  13. Although Assange has not been seen nor heard in public for years and proof-of-life is publicly unverified, did the “insurance” threat activate? No.
  14.  Is the anonymous digital artist known as Pak who they say Assange is working on a secret NFT project with really just CIA? Yes.
  15. Does Assange’s extradition lawyer Mark Summers work for US Department of Justice just like Assange’s PR man Trevor FitzGibbon works for DoJ & Trevor’s bedmate aka Snowden’s lawyer Jesselyn Radack works for DoJ? Yes.
  16. Does Assange’s chief attorney Baltasar Garzon work for CIA? Yes.
  17. Do Assange’s attorneys Geoffrey Robertson & Edward Fitzgerald work for CIA? Yes.
  18. Has anybody seen Christine Assange in the last 9 years? No.
  19. Are there any photos of Christine Assange with boy Julian before he was 39? No.
  20. Do any photos exist of John Shipton with Julian Assange? No.
  21. Did Shipton get ownership of WikiLeaks from CIA Chief Nicholas Natsios aka Cryptome John Young’s father-in-law, and did Cryptome admit WikiLeaks is CIA? Yes.
  22. Does Assange’s mentor Vivienne Westwood pal with Prince Charles? Yes.
  23. Does Assange’s attorney Helena Kennedy sleep with Prince Charles? Yes.
  24. Were Assange and Hillary Clinton both credited for sparking Arab Spring? Yes.
  25. Did Assange’s attorney Amal Clooney raise money for Clintons & UK Royals? Yes.
  26. Did Assange’s attorney Amal Clooney’s husband George Clooney sleep w/ Ghislaine Maxwell? Yes.
  27. Are Assange’s attorneys Jennifer Robinson & Amal Clooney best friends? Yes.
  28. Is Assange’s attorney Jennifer Robinson funded by Rothschild & Soros? Yes.
  29. Is Assange’s attorney Jennifer Robinson working for Jacob Rothschild’s partner Rupert Murdoch? Yes.
  30. Was Assange born in a CIA MKUltra hospital in Townsville, AUS at the time it was busted as CIA MKUltra? Yes.
  31. Was Assange raised in a CIA cult called The Family run by Royal Australian Air Force Intelligence? Yes.
  32. Did Assange hang at Hellfire S&M (painful public sex) Club as a kid? Yes
  33. Was Assange a victim of the CIA’s gifted child program? Yes.
  34. Did CIA leak Vault 7 that WikiLeaks took credit for? Yes.
  35. Was the information in Vault 7 considered a CIA garbage dump? Yes.
  36. Was there anything new in Vaults 7 & * the Intelligence Community didn’t know? No.
  37. Was there anything new in the Snowden revelations? No.
  38. Did Snowden work for CIA, and is Snowden’s boss Jacob Rothschild’s Genie Energy partner CIA Director Robert James Woolsey? Yes.
  39. Is CIA’s Woolsey Assange’s judge’s husband’s partner Arbuthnot and Priti Patel’s partner who’s signing Arbuthnot’s order to extradite Assange, and does Woolsey run WikiLeaks with his partners Jacob Rothschild, Rupert Murdoch & George Soros? Yes, yes, yes.
  40. Was it also CIA’s Robert James Woolsey who “busted” Assange & Kim Dotcom in 1993? Yes.
  41. Did Kim Dotcom access all Osama bin Laden’s bank accounts? Yes.
  42. Is Stella’s mentor US Joint Staff Stephen M. Saideman of Council on Foreign Relations? Yes.
  43. Is Assange’s fake kid’s godmum M.I.A. married to Rothschild’s partner Bronfman? Yes.
  44. Is Bronfman part of a sex cult? Yes.
  45. Were nine Rothschilds busted with Jeffrey Epstein? Yes.
  46. Was Rothschild’s Genie Energy partner Rupert Murdoch busted w/ Ghislaine Maxwell? Yes.
  47. Did Rothschild fund Ghislaine Maxwell’s dad? Yes.
  48. Is Assange’s fake kid’s godmum Tracy Somerset, Duchess of Beaufort’s home visited by UK Queen? Yes.
  49. Was Assange’s adoptive father Gavin MacFadyen CIA MKUltra? Yes.
  50. Was Assange’s adoptive father Gavin’s adoptive father US Army MKUltra? Yes.
  51. Was Julian Assange the only person running WikiLeaks Twitter? No.
  52. Did The Washington Post tell General Sands WikiLeaks is CIA? Yes.
  53. Did US Army Military Intelligence tell General Sands WikiLeaks is CIA? Yes.
  54. Did CIA’s Robert David Steele tell Sands that Assange is an agent who can no longer be kept secret? Yes.
  55. Did Steele say all US military bases are trafficking children? Yes.
  56. Did FBI Chief Ted Gunderson say US military is trafficking children? Yes.
  57. Did FBI Chief Ted Gunderson say US military is involved in Satanic human sacrifices? Yes.
  58. Are Stella’s mum and brother actors? Yes.
  59. Is Assange’s fake mum an actress? Yes.
  60. Was it an actor who showed up with a baby in the embassy? Yes.
  61. Was Assange’s trial conducted outside UK jurisdiction at Corporation of London? Yes.
  62. Is Rothschild an Intelligence Agency, and did they fund Assange? Yes. Yes.
  63. Is Assange’s bodyguard US Army Dan Sommer? Yes.
  64. Is Sarah Harrison Rothschild’s City of London? Yes.
  65. Did anybody find Sarah Harrison & Snowden in the Moscow Airport? No.
  66. Was Julian Assange in love with Sarah Harrison? No.
  67. Did Sarah Harrison say Assange flirted with lots of women in front of her? Yes.
  68. Is there evidence Assange has a son named Daniel? No.
  69. Did CIA’s Shipton recently say Daniel now lives in UK working with computers? Yes.
  70. Is Stella’s real lover M.C. McGrath tied to Jeffrey Epstein? Yes.
  71. Did McGrath repeatedly show up at Assange’s trial privately with Stella? Yes.
  72. Was McGrath photographed walking home with Stella? Yes.
  73. Did Epstein’s Peter Theil give McGrath $100,000? Yes.
  74. Was McGrath working w/ Theil’s PayPal & WikiLeaks in a money laundering scheme? Yes.
  75. Does the child who Stella claims is hers look more like McGrath than Assange? Yes.
  76. Did US Homeland Security beget Blue Cell who begot UC Global? Yes.
  77. Was Assange’s communication and security provided by CIA’s UC Global? Yes.
  78. Did CIA confiscate everything after the arrest? Yes.
  79. Did the man who was arrested at the embassy look like Assange, and did the hand of the man who was arrested match Assange’s hand? No, no.
  80. Did the head of Assange’s Scotland Yard surveillance contact General Sands the night before, during and immediately after Assange’s arrest? Yes, yes, yes.
  81. Did Assange hang out and receive funds from Rothschild’s Jemima Khan? Yes.
  82. Was Assange inside the US Embassy in Iceland? Yes.
  83. Was Assange working with Siggi in Iceland who was busted as an informant? Yes.
  84. Was Assange’s London bodyguard US Army Dan Sommer from Iceland? Yes.
  85. Did Assange’s pal Oliver Stone lie about the murder of JFK and 9/11? Yes.
  86. Did Assange’s pal Michael Moore support Hillary Clinton? Yes.
  87. Did Assange’s pal Chris Hedges start the Iraq War and lie about 9/11? Yes.
  88. Was Assange’s right-hand man Joseph Farrell funded by Rothschild’s crony Soros? Yes.
  89. Is Assange’s pal Vaughan Smith and his Frontline Club funded by Soros? Yes.
  90. Was Vaughan Smith’s dad UK Queen’s secret messenger? Yes.
  91. Is WikiLeaks adviser Ben Laurie head of Google Security funded by Soros? Yes.
  92. Is Stella’s pal Rebecca Vincent of US State Department funded by Soros? Yes.
  93. Was Assange’s pal John Perry Barlow funded by CIA’s Soros with USAID? Yes.
  94. Does Unity4J head Elizabeth Vos partner w/ Trump’s pal CENTCOM’s William Craddick? Yes.
  95. Was Assange beaten, starved and raped by a CIA cult tied to Vatican? Yes.
  96. Is Assange currently being drugged by CIA MKUltra and UK Royals? Yes.
  97. Is Assange’s chief lawyer Baltasar Garzon a convicted spy felon? Yes.
  98. Is Assange’s chief lawyer Baltasar a disbarred lawyer from Spain? Yes.
  99. Did the UK Queen recently knight the King of Spain? Yes.
  100. Did Assange’s chief lawyer Baltasar Garzon pretend to prosecute Pinochet? Yes.
  101. Was Pinochet ever convicted? No.
  102. Was it Baltasar Garzon who worked for CIA to indict CIA’s Osama bin Laden? Yes.
  103. Was Osama bin Laden really a CIA agent? Yes.
  104. Did WikiLeaks trigger the 2011 Osama bin Laden hoax raid? Yes.
  105. Did Assange’s lawyer Gareth Peirce free Osama bin Laden’s right-had man? Yes.
  106. Did Assange’s lawyer Greg Barns head of WikiLeaks Party free a dozen terrorists? Yes.
  107. Did CIA’s Baltasar Garzon introduce Sara Gonzalez Devant pretending to be Stella to Assange? Yes.
  108. Is there hard evidence John Shipton & Christine Assange are Julian’s parents? No.
  109. Is Julian’s birth certificate signed? No.
  110. Is John Shipton listed on Julian’s birth certificate? No.
  111. Was Gabriel Shipton on the scene for the last 10 years? No.
  112. Is Gabriel Shipton an actor? Yes.
  113. Does Assange have ties to Jeffrey Epstein through their lawyer Alan Dershowitz? Yes.
  114. Like WikiLeaks, does Dershowitz have Rothschild ties and lie about 9/11? Yes.
  115. Is Julian Assange on video saying 9/11 is just not that important anymore? Yes.
  116. Did Snowden’s & Thomas Drake’s lawyer Jesselyn Radack Tweet Stella isn’t a lawyer? Yes.
  117. Are Stella and Jennifer Robinson listed in UK’s barrister/solicitor registry? No.
  118. Did Rothschild’s lawyer Mark Stephens hold Assange’s Power of Attorney? Yes.
  119. Does Joseph Farrell funded by George Soros hold Assange’s surety? Yes.
  120. Did Assange have a falling out with Mark Stephens? Yes.
  121. Was Assange’s last livestream pre-recorded? Yes.
  122. Did Assange have a falling out with Kristinn Hrafnsson? Yes.
  123. Did Kristinn Hrafnsson take over WikiLeaks a year after he fell out with Assange? Yes.
  124. Was MI5 under the floor of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London? Yes.
  125. Was the plumbing to Assange’s home destroyed by MI5? Yes.
  126. Was Assange vigil head Emmy Butlin photographed with a black Mercedes at MI5? Yes.
  127. Is a trap door to MI5 visible in the Assange skateboarding video? Yes.
  128. Is there a secret tunnel at Knightsbridge? Yes.
  129. Was General Sands kidnapped at Assange’s home? Yes.
  130. Was Sands imprisoned defending children in a case regarding child sacrifice? Yes.
  131. Did Assange leak spirit cooking soon after Sands was released? Yes.
  132. Was Dr. Carol Proner of Brazil serving as an Assange expert on CIESPAL’s panel? Yes.
  133. Did Dr. Carol Proner admit to Sands on video during the CEISPAL conference in Ecuador that she never even heard of Sofia Wilen? Yes.
  134. Did CIA cut the steering & brakes on Anonomobile to assassinate General Sands? Yes.
  135. Did Anonomobile really only cost $4,999 plus upgrades? Yes.
  136. Did CIA put up hundreds of videos in an attempt to destroy General Sands? Yes.
  137. In the course of 10 years, did Twitter suspend over 100 of General Sands’ accounts? Yes.
  138. Did YouTube suspend General Sands’ channel with over 500 original videos just days before the November 5, 2021 Million Mask March? Yes.
  139. Was CIA behind Million Mask March until General Sands hijacked it from CIA? Yes.
  140. Was CIA’s Soros behind Occupy and Antifa? Yes.
  141. Did Cassandra Fairbanks & Glenn Greenwald both start in porn? Yes.
  142. Did Wikipedia get its start in porn? Yes.
  143. Was Fairbanks sleeping with FBI informant Brandon Darby? Yes.
  144. Did Fairbanks work for Roger Stone & Trump who Assange called a liar and a disease? Yes.
  145. Did Assange then agree to see Stone’s & Trump’s cheerleader Fairbanks? No.
  146. Does Fairbanks have any proof she ever saw Assange? No.
  147. Was Jeremy Hammond’s father busted for pedophilia? Yes.
  148. Is Pamela Anderson many times over tied to Sheldon Adelson & child sex trafficking? Yes.
  149. Is Playboy a CIA blackmail operation? Yes.
  150. Did Pamela Anderson fake the lap photo of Assange? Yes.
  151. Did Pam Anderson release the fake lap photo after Assange was silenced? Yes.
  152. Was Bradley Manning funded by George Soros? Yes.
  153. Were the only 2 journalists at Manning’s trial working for Soros? Yes.
  154. Does Alexa O’Brien still work for George Soros at Airwars? Yes.
  155. Do Trump, Assange, Epstein & Weinstein share the same lawyer Alan Dershowitz? Yes.
  156. Does Assange’s lawyer Alan Dershowitz still lie about 9/11? Yes.
  157. Did Donald Trump’s son talk with Julian Assange? Yes.
  158. Does Donald Trump still lie about 9/11? Yes.
  159. Was the PM of Pakistan assassinated for saying Osama was already dead? Yes.
  160. Is Assange 100% deeply framed in the 9/11 attacks? Yes.
  161. Did Trump say on video Assange should be assassinated? Yes.
  162. Has Assange been permitted to speak in public since March 28, 2018? No.
  163. Did Assange say he is the only one who can authenticate what he says? Yes.
  164. Was Assange in the USA multiple times after he was busted for hacking Pentagon? Yes.
  165. Did Assange leak “Collateral Murder” while he was in Washington, DC? Yes.
  166. Did CIA’s WikiLeaks trap, jail and kill whistleblowers? Yes.
  167. Is Stella with the fake pregnancy photo Assange’s spokesperson? No.
  168. Is General Sands Assange’s spokesperson? No.
  169. Does Julian Assange have a spokesperson? No.
  170. Did UK Queen take the Freeman oath to City of London 70 years ago? Yes.
  171. Did Bill Gates who was busted w/ both Jeffrey Epstein and spirit cooking’s Marina Abramovic take the Freeman oath to City of London Corporation aka Corporation of London not under UK jurisdiction? Yes.
  172. Are Murdoch’s & Rothschild’s news outlets always first out of the gate with Assange fake news? Yes.
  173. Did Rothschild, Murdoch & Soros fund Assange? Yes.
  174. Did CIA MKUltra Founder Allan Dulles say Rothschild is an Intelligence Service? Yes.
  175. Is “journalist” Stefania Maurizi involved in all WikiLeaks releases boss’s boss Allen Dulles? Yes.
  176. Were CIA MKUltra and Area 51 constructed & managed by the same people at the same time? Yes.
  177. Is it more likely CIA MKUltra is hidden in Area 51 than aliens? Yes.
  178. Did General Sands tie Julian Assange to 22 child sex slave torture camps? Yes.
  179. Was General Sands’ dad US Army, Fort Belvoir, Virginia? Yes.
  180. Was Julian Assange working at Sandia National Labs? Yes.
  181. Was Assange’s DARPA training funded by Bush? Yes.
  182. Did Julian Assange ever see General Sands in person? Yes.
  183. Did General Sands ever see Julian Assange in person? Yes.
  184. Did General Sands ever ask to meet Julian Assange? No.
  185. Did Julian Assange and General Sands ever speak face-to-face? No.
  186. Did Julian Assange send his Press to talk to General Sands? Yes.
  187. Was General Sands for years unknowingly close friends with Assange’s Press? Yes.
  188. Did Sands find out her friend was Assange’s Press on Wayback? Yes.
  189. Did Assange’s PR Trevor FitzGibbon tell General Sands she’s “The most beautiful woman in the world he has ever seen in his whole entire life.” Yes.
  190. Did Assange’s pal Greatful Dead’s EFF John Perry Barlow hit on General Sands in writing? Yes.
  191. Was Assange romantic with Pamela Anderson? No.
  192. Was news of Pam’s plutonic relationship released on Sands’ birthday? Yes.
  193. Was the last WikiLeaks leak released August 5 also on Sands’ birthday? Yes.
  194. Does General Sands really have sexier measurements than Pamela Anderson? Yes.
  195. Did Assange tell Pam the best thing he could do for her is leave him alone? Yes.
  196. Did Rothschild’s partner Murdoch start Pam’s career? Yes.
  197. Does Pamela Anderson hang with Murdoch’s wife Jerry Hall? Yes.
  198. Was Murdoch’s Jerry Hall married to Assange’s pal Bianca Jagger’s ex-husband Mick Jagger? Yes.
  199. Did Adil Rami say his relationship with Pam was a forced publicity stunt? Yes.
  200. Did Pam’s best friend Courtney Love murder her husband Kurt Cobain? Yes.
  201. Was Pam dating pedophile Michael Jackson when he was murdered? Yes.
  202. Is Courtney Love tied to Epstein & spirit cooking’s Marina Abramovic? Yes.
  203. Are Assange’s Pussy Riot pals tied to Marina Abramovic? Yes.
  204. Is Assange’s pal Gaga best friends with Marina Abramovic? Yes.
  205. Does Rothschild fund Marina Abramovic? Yes.
  206. Does Jacob Rothschild head the Rothschild dynasty? Yes.
  207. Did Jacob Rothschild shoot Satanic rituals “Eyes Wide Shut” at his house? Yes.
  208. Is “Eyes Wide Shut” Nicole Kidman godmum to Murdoch’s kids? Yes.
  209. Was Stanley Kubrick murdered at the scene of “Eyes Wide Shut”? Yes.
  210. Were Kubrick’s materials found at Assange’s house? Yes.
  211. Is Kubrick’s daughter Vivienne pals with Assange? Yes.
  212. Did Julian Assange kick actress Angela Richter out of court? Yes.
  213. Does General Sands believe Julian’s heart is pure? Yes.
  214. Does General Sands retain ownership of JulianAssange.com until at least 2030? Yes.
  215. Does General Sands believe God is able to save Julian Assange? Yes.
  216. Does Julian Assange have the God-given right to speak for himself in public? Yes.
  217. Has General Sands risked her life for Julian Assange? Yes.
  218. Are there 37 different spy agencies in Washington, DC? Yes.
  219. Does anybody know who’s who in those 37 spy agencies? No.
  220. Did Sands find the bullet that flew into JFK’s head from Jackie’s gun? Yes.
  221. Did Sands prove Pentagon is a reservation and bombed itself 9/11? Yes.
  222. Do most citizens of the USA know Pentagon is a reservation? No.
  223. Does being a reservation mean not United States of America? Yes.
  224. Did the Pentagon groundskeeper tell General Sands no plane hit 9/11? Yes.
  225. Did The Sands Show co-starring Julian Assange run 7 years prior to The Julian Assange Documentary? Yes.
  226. Was The Sands Show a LARP comedy and is it still showing? Yes.
  227. Did Sands graduate from 8 trade schools & attend 5 universities for filmmaking? Yes.
  228. Is General Sands Chief Executive Producer of The Julian Assange Documentary? Yes.
  229. Is the Julian Assange Documentary completed? No.
  230. Will The Julian Assange Documentary be completed before his release? No.
  231. Is all content for The Sands Show & The Julian Assange Documentary online? Yes.
  232. Are the scriptwriters WikiJustice working with General Sands? No.
  233. Does General Sands believe Jacob Rothschild is the Antichrist? Yes.
  234. Does Jacob Rothschild rule City of London Corporation not under UK jurisdiction? Yes.
  235. Is City of London the financial capital of the world with $50 trillion in offshore accounts? Yes.
  236. Is City of London surrounded by 13 human sacrifice dragons? Yes.
  237. Did Rothschild Fund Vatican? Yes.
  238. Did Rothschild fund both sides of WWI & WW2? Yes.
  239. Did Rothschild’s agent Winston Churchill lie to USA to convince them to enter WW2? Yes.
  240. Did US drop the atomic bombs even though they knew the war was over? Yes.
  241. Did US Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan take the Freeman oath to City of London? Yes.
  242. Did Morgan Freeman and Fonzie take the Freeman oath to City of London? Yes.
  243. Did Roosevelts and other US Presidents take the Freeman oath to City of London? Yes.
  244. Are Rothschild’s roots now burned by General Sands? Yes.
  245. Are we in the Valley of Vision of Isaiah 22? Yes.
  246. Does Isaiah 2:1-4 say there is no World War 3? Yes.
  247. Does Daniel 7:23-28 say the end of the reign of the Antichrist comes with “The Court?” Yes.
  248. Is the Internet “The Court” from Daniel 7:23-28?
  249. Did RT publish General Sands says WikiLeaks is CIA? Yes.
  250. Did RT publish General Sands says Isaiah 2:1-4 is in effect? Yes.
  251. Is Christianity LARP? No.
  252. Did CIA’s The Family cult teach Assange that God was bad? Yes.
  253. Did Assange Tweet to his deceased adoptive father Gavin MacFadyen to “Sock it to God forever!” Yes.
  254. Does that mean Assange believes in God? Yes.
  255. Does Revelation 3:9 say Zionists are Synagogue of Satan pretending to be Jew? Yes.
  256. Does CIA run both US Republicans and Democrats? Yes.
  257. Does Mossad run CIA? Yes.
  258. Does Rothschild’s Intelligence Service run Mossad? Yes.
  259. Does Rothschild hold the UK Queen’s purse and the crown jewels? Yes.
  260. Did Prince Harry say the tabloids run the Royals? Yes.
  261. Does Rothschild hold Rothermere’s money for Daily Mail? Yes.
  262. Did Murdoch own all the billboards in Russia? Yes.
  263. Did Assange ever attack Rothschild, Murdoch or Soros? No.
  264. Did Rothschild make the Saudis rich? Yes.
  265. Did Rothschild fund the Vatican? Yes.
  266. Did Rothschild build the tunnels under NYC? Yes.
  267. Did Rothschild fund DeBeers diamond cartel? Yes.
  268. Did Rothschild set the price of gold? Yes.
  269. Is Rothschild royalty in China? Yes.
  270. Does Russia launder money through Rothschild’s City of London? Yes.
  271. Was Freemasonry 1 of 110 guilds birthed by City of London?  Yes.
  272. Does Rothschild run US private prisons via institutional investing in BlackRock, Blackstone & Vanguard? Yes.
  273. Were Rothschild’s Genie partners Ira Greenstein & Woolsey both Trump & Clinton advisers? Yes.
  274. Did Scotland Yard tell General Sands UK Royals murdered Diana? Yes.
  275. Did General Sands have sex w/ DC Capitol Police supervisor in Anonomobile? Yes.
  276. Was General Sands ever FBI, CIA, NSA, Mossad or any state actor? No.
  277. Is it protocol for CIA to retire their outed agents? Yes.
  278. Did General Sands have sex with anyone in London? No.
  279. Did General Sands have sex with anyone in Ecuador? No.
  280. Has General Sands been single 22 years? Yes.
  281. Has General Sands been a born again, spirit-filled Christian 45 years? Yes.
  282. Was General Sands at Highest Mountain the week it was discovered in Ecuador? Yes.
  283. Did General Sands have an Isaiah 2:1-4 ceremony on Highest Mountain?
  284. Did a real angel come to the property where General Sands was living in Ecuador called the Balcony of Angels? Yes.
  285. Was General Sands baptized at age 18 in River Jordan where Jesus was baptized? Yes.
  286. Is General Sands 1/2 Russian, 1/4 German and 1/4 Spaniard from Madrid? Yes.
  287. Does General Sands speak both English and Spanish fluently? Yes.
  288. Was General Sands born with the name Christine Ann Sands? Yes.
  289. Did General Sands recently change her name? Yes.
  290. Does anybody know what General Sands new name is? No.
  291. Is General Sands a real General in the Valley of Vision of Isaiah 22? Yes.
  292. Is General Sands attempting to rescue Julian Assange on behalf of Lord Jesus? Yes.
  293. Did Antichrist Jacob Rothschild’s son Nat block General Sands on Twitter? Yes.
  294. Did WikiLeaks and Pamela Anderson also block General Sands? Yes.
  295. Did Cryptome, Thomas Drake & Jerome Corsi block General Sands? Yes.
  296. Did hundreds of WikiLeaks staffers & supporters block General Sands? Yes.
  297. Was there any evidence General Sands lied? No.
  298. Was General Sands scheduled to arrive at Bundy standoff day before LaVoy Finicum was assassinated? Yes.
  299. Is it true LaVoy was reaching for his gunshot wounds and not his gun? Yes.
  300. Did Pete Santilli & Ammon Bundy call General Sands the night before LaVoy was murdered? Yes.
  301. Like Cassandra Fairbanks, is Pete Santilli an FBI informant? Yes.
  302. Is Alex Jones controlled opposition? Yes.
  303. Is Amy Goodman and Democracy now controlled op? Yes.
  304. Is CIA’s John Kirikou lying about General Sands being CIA? Yes.
  305. Did CIA’s Randy Credico Tweet physically harmful statements about General Sands? Yes.
  306. Is General Sands working alone? No.
  307. Did the FBI stalk General Sands? Yes.
  308. Did General Sands stalk the FBI? Yes.
  309. Did General Sands stalk the Federal Reserve? Yes.
  310. Did General Sands stalk US Department of Justice? Yes.
  311. Does Scotland Yard love General Sands? Yes.
  312. Does DC Capitol Police love General Sands? Yes.
  313. Did General Sands face off real live cannibals? Yes.
  314. Have General Sands and Julian Assange ever had sex? No.
  315. Did Cassandra Fairbanks tell Jerome Corsi she had sex with Assange? Yes.
  316. Did Assange break up with Sarah Harrison for having sex with Snowden? Yes.
  317. Like Sofia Wilen, has Sarah Harrison disappeared for years? Yes.
  318. Did Assange for years flirt with all the other women except for Stella? Yes.
  319. Is there a video of Assange patting Stella on the head? Yes.
  320. Is there a video of Assange kissing Stella? No.
  321. Was Stella really just Assange’s gopher and not a lawyer? Yes.
  322. Is there a video of Stella helping Assange move all the furniture around? Yes.
  323. Did Stella say she was pregnant twice and nobody noticed? Yes.
  324. Was Stella overweight before she claimed to be pregnant? Yes.
  325. Does Stella blink 99 times per minute on average without a script? Yes.
  326. Did Stella ever shed a tear when talking about Assange? No.
  327. Does The General forgive the people who attacked her? Yes.
  328. Does The General know if Assange is dead or alive? No.
  329. Does God know if Julian Assange is dead or alive? Yes.
  330. Does God love Julian Assange? Yes.
  331. Will General Sands ever give up on rescuing Assange? No.
  332. Can General Sands take down the Antichrist? Yes.
  333. Is Antichrist Jacob Rothschild 85 years old and therefore almost dead? Yes.
  334. Can this story have a happy ending? Yes.
  335. Did Julian Assange defect CIA after General Sands came on the scene? Yes.
  336. Did Julian Assange in a private WikiLeaks direct message about General Sands leak “Pop will eat itself,” followed by “A love letter, surely.” referring to PWEI’s “Get the Girl, Kill the Baddies, Save the Entire Planet”? Yes.