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Wikileaks was always controlled opposition. Notice there is no leak war happening. Russia isn’t leaking evidence of political corruption in the US and neither is the US exposing Russian corruption. The same goes for China.
The media paints certain leaks differently than others.

In the case of Wikileaks, I posit they are a Mossad operation, one of many, used to blackmail and bully politicians from other countries into working for Mossad and their true handlers.

There are many examples of blatant corruption exposed by Wikileaks that the media should have been up in arms about, where it is very obvious they chose to ignore them.

But, even the “alt media”, “alt right”, “MeToo”, Black Lives Matter, Black Hammer… all these groups were silent, also, when it came to blatant corruption in certain areas.

Well before the 2016 election, Wikileaks posted Stratfor leaks. Imagine the Mossad has hundreds of cut out companies that work as private contractors for the US government. This is a very easy infiltration that is seemingly ignored by the US Military. Bad actors insert themselves through contracting services and Stratfor was just another spot that Mossad could take over.

A few examples of known Mossad cut outs, like Black Cube, NSO Group, Jeffrey Epstein’s projects made the news, but there are a lot of other smaller companies, like SITE Intelligence Group, that take contracts, get paid in US tax dollars and generate threat reports for the FBI, DHS, etc.

What they do, is they create sock puppet accounts for nearly every free speech venue and immediately go to work to destroy the quality of discussion so that nothing meaningful can take place. In the example of SITE Intelligence Group, they are Israelis pretending to be white supremacists online, spreading extremism and antisemitism.

They are scamming the US by making fake boogeymen, then getting paid to make assessments of that boogeymen and making all threat reports seem as if the fake boogeymen are the infiltraitors and not these Mossad cut outs, themselves.

Point being is that Stratfor was the competition and was the perfect target for Wikileaks, who needed a win to appear as a legitimate free speech outlet.

A few Stratfor emails come to mind that deserved a bit more attention. 1. The Greco Air CIA cut out exposed as running guns. “Stand down. Agency front.” 2. The casual mention of assassinating the assassination in regards to both a union assassination in South America and the JFK assassination. 3. The mention a man makes regarding smoking pineal glands. It’s a bit schizo, but he definitely says, “You aren’t gonna smoke my pineal gland”… raising a few questions. 4. The pizza references regarding a whole staff sharing a single slice of pizza and the climate controlled shipping of pizzas, internationally.

Keep in mind, DC Leaks released the DNC emails, which revealed how beholden the DNC is to George Soros. They also published as “Soros Leaks.”

Wikileaks was not the originator of the DC Leaks, they merely republished what was already out there and a fake persona known as Guccifer 2.0 took credit.

As a side note, Guccifer 2.0 was an obvious, glowing scam, right away. The DNC leaks were certainly a limited hangout in response the the treasure trove of information that had been exfiltrated in early 2016.

Hillary Clinton’s emails, also, did not originate from Wikileaks. They were, first, released the the FBI FOIA Vault, then, like the DNC emails, were republished by Wikileaks.

There was a brief Golden Age for Open Source Intelligence. The onion web was teeming with fresh phished password lists where virtually everyone’s emails were open season to people with zero coding experience. The original Guccifer was such an individual, who accessed numerous email accounts of US politicians and claimed that Hillary Clinton was a cult leader and was satanic.

One of the original Guccifer leaks was Blumenthals and Colin Powells data. Notice Wikileaks did not choose to host this data. Cryptome, however, houses their contact lists. Cryptome also is very selective about what they host.

In 2015, two things set the stage for the leak atmosphere.

Roger Stone was called to consult with NXIVM after Keith Rainiere was caught with keyloggers on Edgar Bronfman Sr’s computers. Despite being in bed with the cartels, branding women, trafficking women, making and disseminating gangrape videos and snuff films, porn of girls as young as 8, Keith Rainieres trial was ran as a limited hang out by Maurene Comey and SDNY and none of this evil made the news. The Bronfman sisters and Keith were given a kabuki theater trial for getting caught spying on the global elite.

Seth Rich got his hands on the NGP VAN data from the IT guy who found Hillary Clinton’s backdoor into everyone else’s campaign. NGP VAN software is for running campaigns. The Clinton Foundation CIA cut out was spying on every political campaign in the country and then some via the backdoor built into the NGP VAN software.

While Seth Rich was personally interested in proving Bernie had been complicit in throwing the primaries in favor of Hillary, what he had was proof of electoral fraud from the bottom to the top via the reversed back door.

While Ive seen a number of extraordinary claims made regarding Seth Rich and Wikilekas, until I see proof, I posit he was more likely killed for the NGP VAN data, as opposed the the DNC leaks. Purportedly, the mayor was with him at the hospital… a DNC electioneer, as well.

All of these CIA assets seem focused on electioneering as a top priority. We even have Mike Pompeo and Stacey Abrams, together, at Bilderberg conferences being promised the highest offices in the land if they can deliver stolen elections.

In 2016, we had the Panama Papers leaks which was pigeon holed by the media, but was initially ran by some kind of faction involved with Scientology. Scientology was originally a joint FBI, CIA, NSA, etc organization. The Panama Papers proved something scary about the world; the monetary dynamics of the world are specifically designed to keep as many people as possible poor. It’s not about enriching anyone, it’s about disempowerment.

Around the same time, John Podesta is phished by a server in the Netherlands, though his passwords are in numerous phish lists. 4chan announced, using Podestas own Twitter, that they had his passwords.

Also in publicly available phish lists were the DNC passwords, Hillary Clinton’s passwords, Bidens, etc. These things were had by every country on earth with a less than half way decent intelligence branch.

Point being, the Biden corruption in Ukraine, the Biden ties to Peter Daszak and EcoHealth Alliance, the Russian connections to the Clinton’s and Podestas, all of this corruption was knowable and known at the time Wikileaks decided to publish Podesta’s emails.

Podesta’s emails were damning; proof of Russian collusion with Democrats, fake green energy companies used for money laundering, proof of media collusion, proof the Uranium One scandal was way worse than advertised, ties to Slime propagandists like David Brock and fundraising with Comet Ping Pong Pizza, where bands like “Sex Stains” performed and the owner makes pedophile posts and posts with satanic imagery. Nevermind him and his boyfriend, propagandist and former Matt Drudge amour, David Brock, were being blackmailed.

Russia was committing the cardinal sin by colluding with US politicians for access to the world’s uranium… energy independence.

The mining and energy conglomerates are the real powers and Royalty in the world. They are above the law and the middle class is only allowed to exist because it can afford the useless goods they produce.

These clandestine power structures are what control 5 Eyes, the CIA, Mossad and smaller operations like Wikileaks.

Mining and energy companies generate fake wars to get every country under their thumb. In the Information Age, where information is weaponized, leaks are warfare and they are tightly controlled.

Plenty of leaks have never been allowed to surface, the Hunter Biden data being one obvious example. Even freely available, no one touches the material; not Wikileaks, not Cryptome, not nobody.

When leaks are allowed, it is to prevent energy independence from a global mining and energy cartel that uses child labor, owns politicians and has no compunctions about blackmail and bribery… or mass murder.

Wikileaks was a sideshow as tons of other leak opportunities were and are still available.