Wikipedia Chief Sands

Chief Sands formerly known as General Sands, Sheriff Sands and Christina Nevada was born Christine Ann Sands August 5, 1961. Sands is one of the few public faces of Anonymous and one of the chief organizers of Million Mask March. Sands publishes [] where the hacktivist group Anonymous drove their Internet traffic for the Million Mask March. American criminal defense lawyer Jay Leiderman and hacktivist advocate wrote, “Like General Sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.” Sands wrote The Julian Assange Documentary where she published it on her websites [] and []. Referring to Sands in leaked private direct messages, WikiLeaks called Sands “prolific” adding that attacking Sands would cause Anonymous to leave WikiLeaks. Sands claims Julian Assange is CIA and used Anonomobile in the production of the documentary. Sands was interviewed by RT in 2014 in the making of the documentary. Sands spent Easter weekend 2014 in a UK jail for battling Satanic cannibals in London.

Sands is a writer who first authored a book on naturopathic dermatology entitled “Healing Eczema,” under the penname Christina Nevada.